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The Weekend of the 9 & 10th June is your opportunity to ride on some older buses doing the City Loop tour. Experience riding on buses previously run by BCC from the 40's 60's and 80's For more details see

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Bus Chassis [Body] Depot Rego # Advertising Photo
1653 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ83KTBlue CityGlider---
1654 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ92KTBlue CityGlider---
1655 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ56LTBlue Glider---
1656 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ34LTBlue CityGlider---
1657 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ22LTBlue CityGlider---
1658 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ30MRBlue CityGlider---
1659 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ28MRBlue CityGlider---
1660 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXB59BUBlue CityGlider---
1661 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ87MQBlue CityGlider---
1662 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ99LSBlue CityGlider---
1663 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ28LTBlue City-Glider---
1664 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ93LSBlue City-Glider---
1665 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ90LSBlue City-Glider---
1666 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ95NPBlue City-Glider---
1667 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ84NPBlue City-Glider---
1668 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ99XFBlue City-Glider---
1669 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ89NPBlue City-Glider---
1670 Volvo B8RLEA [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ04NQ"Rainbow " CityGlider---
1858 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina366XXYCityXpress ---
2036 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina287XZZMaroon CityGlider
2037 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina288XZZMaroon CityGlider
2038 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina548YBCMaroon CityGlider---
2039 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina549YBCMaroon CityGlider---
2040 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina547YDBMaroon CityGlider
2041 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina548YDBMaroon CityGlider
2042 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina288XZDMaroon CityGlider
2043 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]CarinaXB76LSMaroon CityGlider
2044 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]CarinaXB75LSMaroon CityGlider
2045 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]CarinaXQ50YSMaroon CityGlider
2046 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]CarinaXB12CHMaroon City Glider
2047 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina626XZDMaroon CityGlider---
2048 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina290XZZMaroon CityGlider
2113 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXB00HHDowntown Loop Livery---
2812 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXB69FRBrisbane City Council ---
2817 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXB51KIDistingush---
2818 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ57BRnaidoc week- two worlds---
2830 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ14BRBlue CityGlider---
2838 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ39GFCity Glider---
2848 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ58GTConnections ---
2849 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ59GTDreaming ---
2880 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ11JUQUT (Queensland University of Technology)---
2881 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ45JUQUT---
2882 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle FarmXQ50JUQUT (391 Shuttle Bus)---
2917 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]SherwoodXQ53QEStationLink---
2918 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]SherwoodXQ57QEStation Link---
2919 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]SherwoodXQ61QEStationlink---
2920 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]SherwoodXQ68QEStationLink---
2922 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]SherwoodXQ99QEStationlink---
2923 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]SherwoodXQ97QEStationlink---
2924 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]SherwoodXQ90QEStationlink---
6001 Yutong E12 [Yutong]Eagle FarmXQ54TACity Loop---
6002 Yutong E12 [Yutong]Eagle FarmXQ17THCity Loop---
6004 Yutong E12 [Yutong]Eagle FarmXB92BECity Loop---
Total of All-Over-Advertising Fleet List found: 53

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