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June will be a big month 20 New Volvo B8RLEA / Volgren Optimus Articulated Buses will be going into Service. 3 Yutong EBuses will be online as well!!!

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Displaying results of: Hornibrook Transit Management

Bus Chassis [Body] Depot Rego # VIN Body # Delivered Withdrawn Photo
1019 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit Management040TUPWMAA69ZZ17C009374VG257025/08/2008
1020 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit ManagementXQ97AVWMAA69ZZ27C009366VG259102/09/2008
1021 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit ManagementXQ22EJWMAA69ZZX8C012422VG268912/02/2009
1022 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit ManagementXQ26EJWMAA69ZZ98C012427VG269027/02/2009
1023 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit Management254SWXWMAA69ZZX9C012633VG269224/02/2009
1024 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit ManagementXQ16CUWMAA69ZZ09C012639VG269119/02/2009
1025 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit ManagementXQ58GNWMAA69ZZ69C012600VG269304/03/2009
1026 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit ManagementXQ98AVWMAA69ZZ59C012605VG272103/04/2009
1027 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit Management353LLUWMAA69ZZ09C012852VG272215/04/2009
1028 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit ManagementXQ84FVWMAA69ZZ29C012853VG272415/04/2009
1029 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Hornibrook Transit ManagementXQ96AVWMAA69ZZ19C012858VG272315/04/2009
Total of Hornibrook Transit Management found: 11

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