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Displaying results of: AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]

Bus Chassis [Body] Depot Rego # VIN Body # Delivered Withdrawn Photo
201 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNCW4689823E 1865-03/12/1956Mar 1975---
202 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNCW4709823E 1870-07/12/1956Mar 1977
203 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnORM7919823E 1868-07/12/1956Jun 1977
204 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDP9159823E 1884-07/05/1957Jun 1977---
205 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnORM7929823E 1883-15/02/1957Jun 1977---
206 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnORM7939823E 1886-04/04/1957Jun 1977---
207 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDA5719823E 1880-19/02/1957Jun 1977---
208 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnOTP1989823E 1875-03/04/1957Mar 1977
209 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDM8729823E 1871-03/04/1957Jun 1975
210 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDO6589823E 1882-29/04/1957Jun 1977
211 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDT9539823E 1879-09/06/1957Jun 1975
212 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDW0969823E 1885-26/06/1957Jun 1977
213 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDT9549823E 1876C5813/06/1957Jun 1977
214 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDW0979823E 1878C5918/06/1957Feb 2013---
215 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnOQA9839823E 1881C6015/07/1957Jun 1977
216 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNDZ3669823E 1866C6131/07/1957Jun 1977---
217 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNEJ9149823E 1872-18/09/1957Jun 1977
218 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNEL0179823E 1867C6309/01/1958Jun 1977
219 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnOQA9849823E 1873-18/10/1957Jun 1977
220 AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnOQA9829823E 1874-28/11/1957Jun 1977
Total of AEC Regal IV 9823E [Athol Hedges] found: 20

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