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Displaying results of: AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]

Bus Chassis [Body] Depot Rego # VIN Body # Delivered Withdrawn Photo
3 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnNBF5349821E 4326/01/1956
191 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ663.1169821E 1672-16/11/1954Jun 1975---
192 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ664.0589821E 1677-00/12/1954Jun 1975---
193 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ666.3359821E 1676-20/12/1954Jun 1975
194 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ668.6719821E 1678-00/01/1955Jun 1975
195 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ671.5999821E 1671-00/01/1955Jun 1975---
196 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ674.8669821E 1679-22/02/1955Jun 1975---
197 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ677.2039821E 1674-00/02/1955Jun 1975---
198 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ678.0569821E 1675-00/03/1955Jun 1975---
199 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnQ679.3959821E 1680-15/04/1955Jun 1975
200 AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges]WithdrawnORM7909821E 1673-03/08/1955Jun 1977
Total of AEC Regal IV 9821E [Athol Hedges] found: 11

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