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The Weekend of the 9 & 10th June is your opportunity to ride on some older buses doing the City Loop tour. Experience riding on buses previously run by BCC from the 40's 60's and 80's For more details see

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Bus Fleet Specifications

Displaying specifications for Leyland National 10951-2R [Integral]

Chassis Leyland National
Body Integral
Body Type Rigid
Fleet No's 723-729
Total Built 7
Delivered 1975
Withdrawn 1 1985
Engine horizontal
Gearbox SCG semi-auto 4/5 Hydracyclic
Air-Conditioning 2 No
Destination Signs 2 Rollers
Passengers 3 Seating: 39 | Wheelchair: 0 | Capacity: 81
Dimensions Length: 10.90 mt | Width: 2.30 mt | Height: ?
These vehicles were never popular amongst the drivers, and therefore were withdrawn 10 years after commencing service! Update 2014: These were originally on Route service out of Toowong Depot and the hilly terrain does not treat lower powered high geared vehicles well. eg:(Later MAN 10.155)The 7 Nationals were given the inaugeral flagship role at the introduction of CityExpress
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Leyland National 10951-2R [Integral] Fleet Lists

1 Dates listed are from when the first of that type of make of bus was first withdrawn, up to the last of that make
2 Varying suppliers may have provided this equipment, so vayring makes/models may be different from bus to bus of this make
3 The total seating capacity maybe less when wheel-chair passengers occupy the seating area of the bus.