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June will be a big month 20 New Volvo B8RLEA / Volgren Optimus Articulated Buses will be going into Service. 3 Yutong EBuses will be online as well!!!

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Bus Fleet Specifications

Displaying specifications for AEC Regal IV [Athol Hedges]

Chassis 98231E

Sorry, currently there is no image for this bus

Body Type
Fleet No's 3 (was 303)
Total Built 1
Delivered 6/01/1956
Withdrawn 1 no buses of this make have been withdrawn
Engine A218E 2136
Air-Conditioning 2
Destination Signs 2
Passengers 3 Seating: | Wheelchair: | Capacity: 72
Dimensions Length: 396 | Width: 96 | Height: 108
53.57hp Tare weight of 164.75cwt Front axle 3t 19Cwt 3Qrs 14lbs Rear Axle 4t 4 Cwt 3Qrs 14lbs Total 8T 4 Cwt 3Qrs 0 lbs Wheelbase 210 ins and 186 ins
Other Features
AEC Regal IV [Athol Hedges] Fleet Lists

1 Dates listed are from when the first of that type of make of bus was first withdrawn, up to the last of that make
2 Varying suppliers may have provided this equipment, so vayring makes/models may be different from bus to bus of this make
3 The total seating capacity maybe less when wheel-chair passengers occupy the seating area of the bus.