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Bus Chassis [Body] Depot Rego # Advertising Photo
1049 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Toowong846WXMMenulog
1053 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Toowong350XIRRimmel
1055 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Toowong233XXFMitsubishi Electric
1063 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Toowong682XEKHawaiian Airlines
1065 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Toowong351XIRSpring Hill Free Loop
1066 MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]Toowong456XQXSpring Hill Free Loop
1281 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Toowong281JXLLottoland
1309 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Toowong309KEOFranklyn
1316 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Garden CityXQ35EGMasterchef
1317 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Garden City317KEOJust Cause 4
1318 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Garden City318KEOUber Eats
1319 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Garden City628XJEBrisbane Heat
1334 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Garden City334KKIMoving Brisbane for 90 years (City XPress)
1463 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Willawong099XYX1000th bus
1520 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Garden City113LVSBrisbane Transport 90 years - City Express
1522 MAN 18.310 (CNG) [Volgren]Garden City116LVSCentenary of the Armistice
1595 Volvo B5RH [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle Farm598VMHDowntown Loop Livery
1802 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina383YBCMenuLog
1803 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina384YBCAllianz
1857 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina365XXYLogan Law
1858 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina366XXYCityXpress ---
1952 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Sherwood890XZU500th Bus
2036 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina287XZZMaroon CityGlider
2037 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina288XZZMaroon CityGlider
2038 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina548YBCMaroon CityGlider---
2039 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina549YBCMaroon CityGlider---
2040 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina547YDBMaroon CityGlider
2041 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina548YDBMaroon CityGlider
2042 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina288XZDMaroon CityGlider
2043 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina624XZDMaroon CityGlider
2044 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina289XZZMaroon CityGlider
2045 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina625XZDMaroon CityGlider
2046 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina380YBCMaroon City Glider
2047 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina626XZDMaroon CityGlider---
2048 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Carina290XZZPartial Maroon CityGlider
2055 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Eagle FarmXQ72BXQUT
2056 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Eagle FarmXQ73BXQUT---
2057 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren]Eagle FarmXQ71BXQUT---
2111 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle Farm911TSXDowntown Loop Livery. ---
2112 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle Farm912TSXDowntown Loop Livery---
2113 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle Farm131TLXDowntown Loop Livery---
2149 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Eagle Farm775VBQ100 Years Of Anzac
2233 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Virginia539WEPAOA for 300 new buses---
2255 Volvo B7RLE [Volgren_Optimus]Virginia621WMQCityXpress ---
2817 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]VirginiaXQ48BRDistingush---
2818 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]VirginiaXQ57BRnaidoc week- two worlds---
2819 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]VirginiaXQ00BPtwo worlds---
2820 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ16BPCityGlider---
2821 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ02BPBlue CityGlider---
2822 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ12BPBlue CityGlider---
2823 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ89BUBlue CityGlider---
2824 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ07BVBlue CityGlider---
2825 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ12BVBlue CityGlider---
2826 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ37BVBlue CityGlider---
2827 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ20BPBlue CityGlider---
2828 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ27BPBlue CityGlider---
2829 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ28BPBlue CityGlider---
2830 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ14BRBlue CityGlider---
2831 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ20BVBlue CityGlider---
2832 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ08FVBlue CityGlider---
2833 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongBlue CityGlider---
2834 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongBlue CityGlider---
2835 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ49FVBlue CityGlider---
2836 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ07GFBlue CityGlider---
2837 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ09GFCityGlider---
2838 Volvo B8RLE [Volgren_Optimus]ToowongXQ39GFCity Glider---
5043 Volvo B12BLE [Volgren]Willawong350XXEINAS Global Games 2019
5120 Volvo B12BLE [Volgren]Garden CityXQ25HG100% Air Conditioned Fleet
Total of All-Over-Advertising Fleet List found: 68

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