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June will be a big month 20 New Volvo B8RLEA / Volgren Optimus Articulated Buses will be going into Service. 3 Yutong EBuses will be online as well!!!

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Welcome to the enthusiasts guide to Brisbane Transport Buses.

This website has been hosting information about Brisbane Transport since 2001, and is soley managed by several enthuisasts not associated with Brisbane Transport.

Initially this website was designed & hosted for bus enthusiasts, although soon after the website had been greatly used by Brisbane Transport and other suppliers and industry representatives.

The website mainly focuses on the fleet of Brisbane Transport, past & present, and also has some related information about Brisbane Transport with information dating back to 1885.

Here are some quick facts on the fleet of Brisbane Transport, past & current.

2902 individual buses servicing Brisbane since 1957
1263 buses currently in service. Click here to view the fleet allocation
1263 (100.00%) buses that are wheel-chair accessible
1263 (100.00%) buses that are air-conditioned

We strive to ensure the information displayed on this website is correct at all times, but if you happen to find information that is incorrect or outdated, or have information that you wish to share to make this website more informative, then please Contact Us!

As this is not the official website for Brisbane Transport and is not operated by Brisbane Transport, please use the following contacts if you have queries regarding:

  • Bus Timetables, Route Maps, Ticketing, Complaints & Compliments
    Telephone 13 12 30 or visit the Translink Division website.
  • Employment with Brisbane Transport
    Telephone 3407 2213 or send a blank email to [email protected] and an information kit will be emailed to you.
  • Lost Property on Brisbane Transport buses or ferries
    Telephone 3403 8888 (identification will be required when claiming lost property).
  • Chartering a Brisbane Transport Bus
    Telephone 3606 5489 for prices and availability on chartering a Brisbane Transport bus.

Any query received that relates to any of the above forementioned contacts will NOT be answered or forwarded onto the relevant departments!